Welcome to Pre School!

Welcome to pre-school where we work closely with you and your child to ensure that their individual needs are met. Our aim is to provide an environment where your child has a fun childhood while learning and being given every opportunity to work towards reaching potential goals.

We use concentrated activities and one to one interaction to access all areas of development including their language, physical, problem solving and understanding values.   With an allocated key worker to support your child daily with their development their journey towards school will be positive and rewarding for both them and those around them.

Dough Gym & Funky Fingers

Each morning and afternoon we will continue with our dough gym and funky fingers sessions, these activities form an effective programme for children to work on their upper body and gross motor development. It promotes their dexterity in readiness for early writing skills.

As a parent we value and actively encourage your input within pre-school and wish to include you within your child’s development and educational needs.  We would love to hear of any observations or particular interests whilst at home that we can expand upon during their day at nursery.


Pre-School Gallery

We welcome your suggestions and queries and ask that if you have any ideas we look forward to hearing them.

We also have a leaver's graduation ceremony at the end of the Summer Term to celebrate the next journey to Primary School!