Welcome to the Baby Room...

Our baby room accommodates babies from 6 week to 2 years in a bright, spacious, comfortable and stimulating room. In the baby room, we work closely with your child to help them learn through play and a range of experiences. We support their development through all areas of the EYFS by using our knowledge and provide age appropriate resources. 

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When your child joins the baby room it can bring a variety of feelings and experiences for both the children and their carers. Your child will be allocated a key person who will help them settle into nursery and support their development as well as providing support and reassurance for you!

We follow children's sleep routines from home and provide opportunities for rest, sleep and also for quiet activities.

In the baby room we work closely alongside our parents/carers to provide the correct meals and support during mealtimes by following your child's weaning chart.

The baby garden provides a spacious and stimulating environment for your child to explore through sensory and physical activities. We provide both indoor and outdoor adult led activities to suit your childs growing development and needs. 

The baby room offers access to fun and exciting creative and sensory play, giving your child a chance to explore a variety of textures using all their senses.

We provide continuous provision to ensure your child is encourages to learn through their play as well as providing our planned key worker group activities.